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State CDA Projects

State Fundraiser
The State Fundraiser will be $4.00 per member per year.  This fundraiser will be utilized for operations of the state court, to expand the areas of leadership and membership, and wherever needed. (4/2017 state convention)  More Information
Court Events

January 28, 2018 JCDA Brunch Wilmont
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Court News

Celebration of Life Mass sponsored by Catholic Daughter Court St. Rita # 409 Perham, MN.

Celebration of Life Mass on January 18th, 2018 at St. Henry's Catholic Church, Perham, Minnesota. The celebrant was Father Matthew Kuhn. St. Henry's Area School children participated as Mass servers, readers, musicians, singers and gift bearers.

In recognition of the sanctity of life from before birth to death, the different stages in life were recognized and presented a red rose, a symbol of life. The life stages represented were expecting mothers (Donn Guck), newborn children (Michael Mettler family), youth (Madeline Abbott), high school age group (Morgan Hanson), senior citizen (Mary Bennett) and special challenges (Karen Beyer). Presenting the red roses were Mary Grace Fudge, Isabella Schultz, Gia Van Watermulen, Dominick Hammers, EmmaLee & Brenna Guck, Nora, Charlie and Levi Murdock. Also a red rose was placed before the Holy Family Statue by Morgan Pazdernik as a reminder of our belief in and commitment to the right to life of all people.

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Court Proclamations Signed

Perham Proclamation 2017
Pictured: Past National Chaplin, Reverend Matthew Kuhn, for The Catholic Daughters of the Americas and Regent of Court St. Rita #409, Perham, Minnesota. Dianne Rohde-Szarke.

Reverend Matthew Kuhn, of St. Henry's Catholic Church signs the proclamation, claiming October 15, 2017,as Catholic Daughters Sunday. Our theme for CDA Sunday is "Serve the Lord with Gladness."
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