What has Pope Francis Been Up To

Pope Francis has been speaking out about the family. Thus the Catholic Daughters have added the "Family" as one of the points of the Circle of Love. He said “The family is truly the ‘school of humanity’ which is much needed today.” 

Everyone across the Diocese here in Minnesota and around the United States, were very excited about Pope Francis's visit to the United States.
So many wished that they could have met with him. However, we all felt that he was right in front of us when we were able to watch him on TV.

I hope you had the opportunity to watch 20/20 on the visit with Pope Francis. What beautiful messages he had to those who had the opportunity to speak to him (via web cam) and to tell their stories - the young immigrant, the little girl and of course the nun who helped so many. 

Earlier this year in his bid to ease the suffering of the poor — and upend the expectations of the papacy — Pope Francis helped the homeless men and women in Rome with a shower and shave courtesy of the Vatican. Space off of St. Peter's Square was made into showers and barbershop facilities for the homeless. 

The showers will be open every day except for Wednesday - when the pope holds his general audience - and on days when there are special occasions in the square. Haircuts are offered every Monday with students from a Rome hairdressing school and local barbers. Their services are free.

Here are some things you might not know about Pope Francis:

1. He spoke out against frivolous spending by the Church
2. He invited a boy with Down's Syndrome for a ride in the Popemobile
3. He embraced and kissed Vinicio Riva
4. He denounced the judgment of homosexuals
5. He held a major ceremony at the chapel of a youth prison
6. He urged the protection of the Amazon Rainforest
7. He personally called and consoled a victim of rape
8. He snuck out of the Vatican to feed the homeless
9. He auctioned his motorcycle to benefit the homeless
10. He acknowledged that atheists can be good people
11. He condemned the global financial system
12. He fought child abuse
13. He condemned the violence of the Syrian civil war
14. He redirected employee bonuses to charity
15. He spoke out against the Church’s ‘obsession’ with abortion, gay marriage and contraception
16. He called for cooperation between Christians and Muslims
17. He took part in a selfie
18. He invited homeless men to his birthday meal
19. He refused to send away a child who had run on stage to hug him

By Josephine Mckenna | Religion News Service

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