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Prayers Needed

Pipestone Court St. John 1371 is asking for prayers for their recording secretary, Betty Cramer and her husband, Bob who just had a house fire and lost everything.

The complete story on this can be found in the Pipestone County Star newspaper.

St. Rose of Lima Native American Women Cemetery Stone

The cemetery stone for the six Native American Women buried in the St. Rose of Lima Cemetery was dedicated on May 30, 2018. Thank you for all your support.


Celebration of Life Mass sponsored by Catholic Daughter Court St. Rita # 409 Perham, MN.

Celebration of Life Mass on January 18th, 2018 at St. Henry's Catholic Church, Perham, Minnesota. The celebrant was Father Matthew Kuhn. St. Henry's Area School children participated as Mass servers, readers, musicians, singers and gift bearers.

In recognition of the sanctity of life from before birth to death, the different stages in life were recognized and presented a red rose, a symbol of life. The life stages represented were expecting mothers (Donn Guck), newborn children (Michael Mettler family), youth (Madeline Abbott), high school age group (Morgan Hanson), senior citizen (Mary Bennett) and special challenges (Karen Beyer). Presenting the red roses were Mary Grace Fudge, Isabella Schultz, Gia Van Watermulen, Dominick Hammers, EmmaLee & Brenna Guck, Nora, Charlie and Levi Murdock. Also a red rose was placed before the Holy Family Statue by Morgan Pazdernik as a reminder of our belief in and commitment to the right to life of all people.

After the Celebration of Life Mass, a reception for those attending was sponsored by the Catholic Daughters.


Court St. Justin’s, Mary Lou Delaney has been volunteering for the Senior Meal Program in Twin Valley for 42 years.

Mary Lou of Court St. Justin #2020 and her husband Richard have been married for 61 years and have 4 children and one granddaughter. They moved to the Twin Valley area in 1963 and farmed for just over 40 years.

Life was busy on the farm in the mid 70’s and with 4 kids busy with school and sports, Mary Lou found Wednesdays were her day to go to town. She would deliver the Meals on Wheels for the Senior Meal program, run errands and then on to a bowling league in the afternoon. In the early years she delivered 6 – 10 meals on her Wednesday delivery route. Over time that grew to be as high as 22 or 24. But now she says it ranges more like 12 – 18 deliveries.

Mary Lou loves the visiting and interacting with the seniors she delivers meals to. She says for some, she is the only person they see during the day. As a volunteer she is responsible to connect with the meal recipients. If they don’t come to the door or answer when she visits, she reports that back to the Senior Meal site. The program then does a follow up, to make sure there are no problems.

Mary Lou loves to volunteer. Whether at the Senior Meal program, church or the nursing home, she says “It feels good to help people”. She is also proud to say she has passed this down to her children, who also do volunteering.

The Apple Pie Award was recently given to Mary Lou from Lutheran Social Services, to recognize her service to the Senior Meal Program. As Catholic Daughters we are very proud of her service in her community as well as her service with Court St. Justin #2020. Mary Lou's volunteer service is a great example of our Circle of Love Quality of Life and Family areas. Congratulations Mary Lou


Veterans Day Breakfast at Court St. John #1371

Sunday, November 12th the CDA Court St. John, #1371, provided homemade breakfast to honor the warriors who selflessly serve for our freedom since 1776. For the last 3 years CDA has provided the food, volunteers and time to make this breakfast free to all Veterans. Under the sign saying “98% will wake today to enjoy their freedom, 2% will wake up to defend that freedom.” the CDA court members (with their husbands) and other parishioners welcomed, served and offered their gratitude and enduring pride to remind these Heroes their sacrifices are our blessings.



Pictured: Jackie Bunkowske and daughter Bella
Court St. Rita #409, Perham holds 49th annual style show
Court St. Rita #409, Perham, Minnesota held our 49th annual style show on October 28th, 2017 at St. Henry's Fellowship Hall.
Regent Dianne-Rohde-Szarke welcomed the guests, thanking them for supporting us and our many charities.  Deacon Richard Quistorff of St. Henry's Parish, gave the invocation and blessed the food for our brunch. The church hall was decorated with pines and pine cones for our theme "Partying in the Pines.  The tables and halls were also festively decorated to carry out the theme. The event is our fundraiser for our many charities, our local community and St. Henry's Catholic Church and School.  Many businesses in Perham, provided models for this year's style show. They were Nadines, Dot and Minnie's, Helene's Boutique and Richter's Men's Wear. Chairman for the style show was Emilee Olstad and Mistress Of Ceremonies was Ann Dardis with many Catholic Daughters working to make the annual style show a success. Regent Dianne thanked everyone for their hard work, she then announced that the theme for 2018 will be Forever True to the Red, White and Blue.  God Bless America was sung as a great ending to a great style show.
Respectfully submitted,
Fuzz Hammers, Publicity Chairman

Court St. Rita #409 observed CDA Sunday

Court St. Rita #409, observed Catholic Daughters Sunday at the 10 am Mass, on October 15, 2017, at St. Henry's Catholic Church, Perham, Minnesota. The Holy sacrifice of the Mass was celebrated by Father Matthew Kuhn, assisted by Deacon Randy Altstadt. Catholic Daughters participated in the Mass as sacristan, lectors, choir members, and Eucharistic ministers. At the weekend Masses, at St. Henry's and Holy Cross Catholic Church, Butler, Minnesota, (our sister parish) Regent, Dianne Rohde-Szarke, spoke to all the ladies of the Parishes inviting them to join Catholic Daughters. After the 10 am Mass, a continental breakfast was served by the Catholic Daughters.

Pictured right to left ,front row: Regent, Dianne Rohde-Szarke; Second Vice Regent, Helene Johnson; Second row, Financial Secretary, Cathy Doll; Treasurer, Lorie Curtis; Recording Secretary, Lynn Schwanke; back row: Father Matthew Kuhn pastor at St. Henry's and past National Chaplin and Deacon Randy Altstadt.

Respectfully submitted Publicity chair; Fuzz Hammers

Court St. Rita #409, Perham

Court Joan of Arc #1291

Court St. Anne #1840, Medford honors their 50 year members.




May Crowning - Perham

The Catholic Daughters of Court St.Rita #409, Perham,   Minnesota honored our Blessed Mother Mary on May 6th, 2017, by processing into Church with the image of Mary. The procession consisted of Father Matthew Kuhn, Deacon Randy Altstadt, the Knights of Columbus, members of the Catholic Daughters and other parishioners. The Mass was celebrated for the intention of all deceased Catholic Daughters.

Isabella Berkman, daughter of Chad and Stephanie Berkman carried the crown, Don Hendricks of the 4th degree Knights of Columbus carried the image of our Lady. Father Matthew Kuhn assisted by Deacon Randy Altstadt blessed the image as it wa s placed by the altar. The Catholic Daughters, plus First Communicants carried Red roses, placing them by Mary's image. The Rosary was prayed and songs of Mary were sung as we processed around the church and school.

The Catholic Daughters were Musicians, Eucharistic Ministers, Rosary leaders, Sacristans and Gift bearers. Banners Bearer was Cheryl Wacker, carrying the flag was Jill Abbott, assisted by Jackie Lachowitzer and Renee Doll. The event was chaired by Emilee Olstad, past Court Regent.

Pictured on the left is Isabella Berkman, who crown the image of Mary, the daughter of Chad and Stephanie Berkman. To the right is Courtney Poser, daughter of Rachel and Aaron Poser. Courtney is a member of our newly formed JCDA.


Valentine Party in Perham

Court Holy Rosary #1916, Detroit Lakes

"Giving Back" Awarded to Court St. Rita #409, Perham



Celebration of Life Mass 2017


Court St. Rita #409 of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas sponsored a Celebration of Life Mass on January 27 at St. Henry Catholic Church in Perham, MN.  This has been an annual event for the last 30 years.   Fr. Matthew presided along with Deacon Randy Altstadt serving at the altar.  Throughout the Mass we were reminded of the sacredness of life from the moment of conception to natural death.   We celebrated life and thanked God, our creator; for the miracle of life that he has given each of us. 

As part of the Entrance Procession; the Catholic Daughters selected members from the four area Catholic parishes (St Henry, Sacred Heart, St. Lawrence and Holy Cross) to represent different stages in life. These individuals processed along with a few students from the school, to the front of the church along with the servers, Fr and Deacon with the processional song.  Before the blessing, a greeting and explanation was given by Joann Winjum and roses were presented.   We were reminded that each stage in life is important, needed, special, unique and has so much to offer in its own way. 

This year, the stages/phases in life that were represented were: Expecting parents, New born children, Youth, High Schooler, College/Young adults, Those with challenges or special needs and Senior citizens.  Also celebrated was the great example the Holy Family has set for us.

Participants this year were: Josh & Katrina Nordick, Makenna Kupferschmid and her parents (Brett & Elisa), Jack LaFond, Kolbey Bormann, Thea Romann, Sally Limanen, Rae Giovannelli, and Delores Wasche along with her husband, Joe.  A Red Rose, which is a symbol of life; our most basic need was presented to the participants by the following students from St. Henry’s Area school:  Marisa & Molly Ruther, Isaac Smith, Carson Byer, Ava Tobkin, Sam, Max & Damian LaFond, Katelyn & Madison Kratzke, & Logan Guck.  A rose
presented by Alexis Marthaler was placed before the Holy Family; (under the Sponsorship of the Catholic Daughters, Court St. Rita), as a reminder of our belief in and commitment to the right to life of all people.   

After the presentation of the roses, participants and students joined their classmates and the congregation in their seats.  Mass then proceeded as normal.  Students proclaimed the word of the first reading, lead the responsorial and other hymns throughout the mass, offered intercessions and presented the gifts at the offertory.  Deacon Randy proclaimed the gospel and Fr. Matthew gave the homily.  A Prayer for the Protection of Life was offered by Fr.  Matthew in conjunction with the intercessions.    Throughout the mass, different aspects and stages of life were remembered as we prayed and offered praise and thanksgiving.   It was a very touching, inspirational and prayerful mass.

As we all know: Life is sacred at all stages.  All people need to remember this.  We are to accept life as God’s gift, we are to be examples of this and show it in all we do, say and are.  How we treat one another, no matter how we feel about them.  What we say in different situations and how we act when things happen in life.  We continue in life to teach others as well as learn from each other.  We are: all God’s children, All family, All connected in one way or another and All deserve respect.  Let us help us help each other grow in God’s love and service to him and each other. Let us all treat each other with the dignity and respect we deserve.  We are a gift from God to each other.   We praise and thank God for all he has given us and ask for his guidance in being all he has created us to be and to become (in his Image and likeness).     


Pipestone 1000 Rosaries

Holy Rosary Habitat
Holy Rosary Habitat
Court Bishop Schenk #2010, Crookston

CDA Sunday