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Consecration of Renee Doll to the Life of Virginity for women living in the world

Court St. Rita #409. Perham, Minnesota is proud to announce that our financial secretary, Renee Doll, was consecrated to the Life of Virginity at 3 PM Mass on July 31st, 2020 at St. Henry’s Catholic Church with Donald Kettler (Bishop of the St. Cloud Diocese) presiding. Concelebrants were Reverend’s Brady Keller, Aaron Kuhn (Renee’s Spiritual Director) and Matthew Kuhn, Pastor at St. Henry’s. Other clergy participating at the Mass were Deacon’s Randy Altstadt, Mark Stenger and Richard Quistorff, Court St. Rita Chaplin and Master of Ceremonies. Attendant’s and Lector’s were Jennifer Martin (Renee’s Sister) and Cheryl Prososki (friend). The music was provided by Jeff Blickenstaff, Heidi and Grace Kalina accompanied by Isaiah Blickenstaff on the piano.
The formation of a consecrated Virgin is a serious choice, as the consecration is permanent. It is a process: The Education is a study of what a consecrated virgin is, what is expected of them, the study of scriptures, study of other consecrated virgins and saints, doctors of the church and church history. The participant meets with a spiritual director, the bishop and a formation director/team. It is at least a 2 year process.
At the actual Consecration, according to the Code of Canon Law, these women must be consecrated to God through the diocesan Bishop according to the Rite approved by the church. The Bishop prays the prayer of consecration, the Virgin receives a ring (mark of the Bride of Christ), a veil and the book, Liturgy of the Hours (prayers of the church).
At the consecration, the Virgin dresses in white, is examined of her willingness and intentions and resolves to follow Christ in a life of perfect Chastity. Upon consecration, they are bethrothed mystically to Christ. The Litany of Saints is prayed as an offering to God the Father and asking for the intercession of the Virgin Mary and Saints. They are to stay a virgin to God for eternity and be dedicated to the service of the church.
Consecrated Virginity is one of the oldest recognized forms of consecrated life in the Catholic Church. It is actually as old as apostolic times. Blessed Virgin Mary was actually the first consecrated Virgin. Other consecrated Virgins were: St. Agnes, St Agatha, St Cecilia and St. Lucy. In 1970, the actual rite was renewed and today around 5000 women throughout the world have joined the age old “Order of Virgins”.
Life for the consecrated Virgin looks pretty ordinary. They can live as individuals making themselves available to the desires of the church and work of their spouse (the church). They can hold jobs to support themselves (As the local diocese is not financially responsible for them). They must take time for their physical, spiritual, psychological, emotional and special needs. Their primary focus is on prayer, praying for the needs of the people and priests, attending Mass daily, praying the Liturgy of the Hours, studying scriptures, as well as taking time for personal prayers and devotions. Consecrated virgins living in the world do not wear habits, take vows, change their name or title, they have no leader or Mother Superior. They remain in their diocese, receiving direction from the diocesan bishop but not under his obedience. Reference of consecrated virgins can be found in Matthew 19; 12 and I Corinthians 7:25-40. The consecrated virgin is called to be spiritual by following the example and inspiration of the saints, in particular the Blessed Mother Mary.
A reception followed with Alan and Mary Schumacher as Host and Hostess and Lynn Bleichner at the guest

Submitted by:
Fuzz Hammers

YOU CAN HEAR THE ANGELS SING:  According to the Irish Lullaby.

Court St. Rita #409 of Perham, Minnesota, lost our oldest CDA member on July 8th, 2020. Lorly Schik (Dolores Delaney) was 95 years old and a Catholic Daughter of our court for 76 years, having joined CDA at the age of 19, in 1944.

Lorly grew up on the family farm, the only daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Delaney. Her and her 4 brothers attended rural St. Joe School for 8 years. She and her family also were active members of the nearby St. Joseph Catholic Church.

Lorly began her career as a teacher in a rural school. Not able to drive a car, her Dad had to drive her to the school every Monday morning. Lorly then stayed the rest of the week in the homes of the families whose children went to school in her district. She said one of her jobs every morning, was to start the wood fire, so the school room would be warm when the students got there. Eventually she became a full time kindergarten teacher and transferred to the Public School in Perham, MN.

In 1947 she met the love of her life, Henry Schik, and together they had 3 children, Mike, Kenny and Shelly. Her other titles were Grandma, Great Grandma and Flower girl. To her delight she was asked to be a flower girl at her Granddaughters wedding. As she proceeded down the aisle, instead of throwing flowers, she smiled and waved from her wheel chair.

She was very proud of her Irish Heritage. St. Patrick's Day was a big occasion in her life, she would be all dressed up in her Irish green color, and of course there was a good old Irish party.

The funeral for this proud Irish lady will be held at St. Henry’s Catholic Church, Perham, Minnesota, on Saturday July 26th, 2020, with Reverend Matthew Kuhn Presiding. Court St. Rita Catholic Daughters will wear CDA sashes and pray the Rosary led by Lorly’s old friend, Fuzz Hammers. May her soul and all the souls of our deceased Catholic Daughters Rest In Peace.

Respectfully submitted:

Fuzz Hammers, Publicity Chair.


Message from Olga Samaniego, National Regent

I am excited to inform you that CDA has a new website! Tom Panas, the executive board, and E Catholic have been hard at work for the last few months designing a whole new look for the CDA website. We are extremely grateful to the innovators especially Shirley and Daniel Seyfried, who designed our first website. It served us well for many years, and we are grateful to them for bringing us into the 21st century. Now, as with all things, it was time for an update. I hope you will check it out. We were going to do a "soft" launch in order to make sure we could work out any "bugs." However, more people than we thought are finding the new website, so I thought I'd let everyone know. The new tools will be added to the new website shortly. What is on now are the current tools, and they are still in effect. Our address is the same Check it out, and let us know what you think. If you have any suggestions, we would be glad to hear them. I am grateful to Tom and the executive board for all their hard work!!
Court St. Rita #409 Pandemic

Officers, Chaplain and Court St. Rita members would like to honor our 5 deceased members.
At this time in the history of our country and the Corona pandemic, we would like the Catholic Daughters of Minnesota and our National members, to know about OUR court pandemic.

In the last 4 months Court St. Rita have lost 5 talented and faithful members of our court.  Three of them members for 68 years.

December 7, 2019 we lost Lucille Schmitz a member of our court for 68 years.  Lucille was home bound for many years but contributed when she could.  The theme for one of our annual style shows was “What’s cooking”.  Lucille called and donated one of those old gray coffee pots, as she was so proud to be able to contribute. Bless her Heart.

January 5, 2020 we lost Lu Knuttila.  Lu was a past Court Regent and District Deputy, a member of our Court since 1975. Even with frail health, assisted by a granddaughter she attended our Courts 100th Anniversary on September 15, 2019. She was a dedicated  hard worker in our court.  Her leadership will be greatly missed.

January 16, 2020 we lost Deloris Lachowitzer a member of our court for 68 years.  She was our Cake lady.  When ever there was a festivity at our court she made and beautifully decorated a cake for all to enjoy.

We lost a dedicated school teacher at St. Henry’s Catholic School on March 23, 2020, when Grace Baumgart was called home.  She had been a member of our court for 56 years.  All the kids wanted to be in her 4th grade class as she taught with words but also with love.  And the Minnesota twins game could always be heard playing quietly in the back ground.

Another member of our court for 68 years was our member Jackie Lachowitzer.  She passed away March 30, 2020. Jackie was a regular meeting attendee and great help on many occasions. Even at the age of 86 she was always on hand to help decorate the stage for our annual style show.

We would like to say "thank you" to these 5 talented and faithful women for their dedication to Court St. Rita. They are sadly missed by our court, church and community.

Respectfully submitted,
Fuzz Hammers, publicity chair


Reaching Out in the Face of COVID-19

Greetings to Our CDA Sisters from Ct. St. Mary Peter #1864

Even without gathering together, we want to stay together virtually and give you some information. First and foremost, we want to share some of the many options for participating in virtual Mass since we are not able to gather for Mass at this time. It is important to pray together in some way during this unprecedented time in our world! Our local Priests are available for sacraments if needed during this time.

There are three links below that will allow you to watch Mass; we also know there are many more on local TV stations.


The Archdiocese:

St. Peter and Paul Mazeppa, having daily Mass said at Pax Christi:


St. Charles, with our State Chaplain Father Tim Biren:

We would like to have all Sisters pray for your CDA sisters this month

Here is a "Prayer for a Pandemic" our Recording Secretary, Ellen, wished to share. It was sent out by Fr. Rick Colletti


May we who are merely inconvenienced remember those whose lives are at stake. May we who have no risk factors remember those who are most vulnerable. May we who have the luxury of working from home remember those who must choose between preserving their health or making their rent. May we who can care of our children when their schools close remember those who have no options at all. May we who have to cancel our trips remember those that have no place to go. And may we who are losing our money in the market remember those who have no money at all. May we who must settle in for a quarantine at home remember those who have no home. During this time when we cannot physically wrap our arms around each other, let us yet find ways to be the loving embrace of God to our brothers and sisters.


Here is a prayer our Spiritual Enhancement Chair (Jan) wanted to share with you, it was sent out by Fr. Don Talafous OSB


Abraham bargains with God in a famous Old Testament story about how many good people it will require for God to spare a city (Genesis 18). After apologizing for his presumption, Abraham finally gets God down to ten people. The smallest bit of innocence, of moral decency, in other words, is of great value in God's eyes. We experience something similar when, after a particularly bad day on the job or just in the city, we come across a person or deed which makes up for all the hassle, argument, brutality, and coarseness that we've met.

We stop for coffee and are served by a gracious and smiling person who stands out against the backdrop of insensitivity and anger. A colleague senses some worry or discomfort in us and asks concernedly how things are going. In traffic or in the checkout lane someone waves us on or ahead. For a moment we are reassured that not everyone in our world is looking for a confrontation. It's a relief and may be enough to restore our confidence in the human race, our hope for a better world or, at least, a better tomorrow.

We experience the same thing when we come home from a day of painful meetings and even rude people to the loving embrace of husband or wife, of children, of friends. It is enough to make it all worthwhile. And, of course, it works the other way. Anyone of us can be that light and restorative for others who may be experiencing life and other people as simply combat or cross. Worship and prayer encourage us to be that saving bit of refreshment and encouragement that will bring hope and joy to some of those we meet.

Our Vice Regent, Beth, is sharing this prayer from Pope Francis


“Let us Pray Together for doctors, hospital staff, and volunteers who are giving their own lives to save others. And for civil leaders, for those who have to make decisions at this time. All these people are the pillars defending us in this crisis.”

Pope Francis.


EWTNs website has the Spiritual Communion Prayer


It reads My Jesus, I believe that You are present in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love You above all things, and I desire to receive You into my soul. Since I cannot at this moment receive You sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart. I embrace You as if You were already there and unite myself wholly to You. Never permit me to be separated from You. Amen.”


Saint Thomas Aquinas described Spiritual Communion as an ardent desire to receive Jesus in the most holy sacrament and lovingly embrace him at a time or in circumstances when we cannot receive him in Sacramental Communion. 




Please reach out to your Sisters at this time - just a quick phone call to check in and say hello or a card dropped in the mail. This is a time that people could feel isolated and we want to reach out to assure our Sisters know we are here for each other.

Stay healthy and safe.

Joan, Beth, Linda, Ellen and Sue
Court St. Mary Peter #1864

Ct. St. Mary Peter Welcomes New Members

On December 16th Court St. Mary Peter celebrated their new member installation, officially welcoming six members. The ceremony was officiated by Court Chap-lain Deacon Paul Tschann. Left: Court members posed for a picture following the ceremony.

L to R Seated: Johnnie, Rose, Jo, Mary, Nita, Zonda.
1st standing row: Regent Joan, Financial Secretary Linda, Mary Lou, Andrea, Reghann, Liz, Denise, Ann, Kathy, Anne, State 2nd Vice Regent Monica Capra, Financial Secretary Sue.
2nd Row: Patrice, Cecelia, Marie, Laurie, Mag, Rita, Marie, Louis, 1st Vice Regent Beth.
3rd Row: Marlys, Laurie, Pam, Jeanette, Kris, Shirley, Pam, Janet, Dani, Court Chaplain Deacon Paul, Recording Secretary Ellen. Not Pictured: Kathi, Char, Bev, Joan and Gloria

Sweet on Our Sister Court

The Ct. Joan of Arc in Marshall shared a Valentines
surprise with their sister court, St. Mary Peter in
Bellechester. Homemade strawberry jam was made for
each memeber of the court. Ellen Huneke met the
sweet jam making sisters for the special delivery.
The jam was enjoyed by Ct. St. Mary Peter.


Senior Royalty Crowned at Perham Living Valentine Party

New royalty is reigning at Perham Living. At a balloon-filled ceremony on Valentine’s Day, six residents representing the households were crowned kings and queens. Royalty was selected by staff, friends and family. St. Henry’s Area School children presented the royalty with their crowns and tiaras. The ceremony is sponsored each year by the Catholic Daughters of the America’s Court St. Rita #409 of Perham, Minnesota.

Rohde-Szarke, Regent and MC, welcomed royalty and guests. Ann Dardis, chairmen of the event, entertained along with her daughter, Joanna and the Junior Catholic Daughters. The JCDA also handed out Valentine cards and treats to guests. Dessert was served in each household following the ceremony to conclude the event.

Left to right: Emerson Schultz, crown bearer, Larry Lange & Odilia Riestenberg, king and queen of Prairie Knoll, Isabella Schultz, tiara bearer.

Odilia Riestenberg (Queen of Prairie Knoll)
Odilia was born on the family farm near Perham, Mn. She graduated from St. Joe country school and Perham High School. Jack Riestenberg and Odilia Guck were married at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church June 13, 1959. She is proud of her 5 children, 18 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. She enjoyed traveling, cooking, baking and gardening. Odilia joined Perham Living April18, 2018. Now she enjoys visiting with family and friends, Mass, music programs, bingo, playing dice, jigsaw puzzles and word games.

Larry Lange (King of Prairie Knoll)
Larry was born by Star Lake near Dent, Mn. He graduated from Country School District #137 and Pelican Rapids High School. He served in the US Navy. Larry and Joan were married at Trinity Lutheran Church, Underwood, MN, on May 12, 1962. He is proud of his 3 children, 5 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Before retiring, Larry, was a plant engineer for Barrel of Fun. He enjoyed traveling, fishing, hunting, trap shooting and making duck decoys. He now participates in church, musical events, supervising exercises in Prairie Knoll, happy hour and visiting with family. Larry came to Perham Living on January 24, 2020.

Left to right: Wyatt Guck, crown bearer, Leslie Wohlert, king of Burlington, Charleen Schermerhorn, Queen of Timber Grove, Cassidy Sazama, tiara bearer.

Charleen Schermerhorn (Queen of Timber Grove)
Char entered Perham Living on May 24, 2018. Charlene and her husband, Don, were married at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Frazee, Mn. Char is blessed with 4 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. She was a realtor in Perham and Detroit Lakes before retiring. Her and her husband enjoyed traveling and spent their winters in Mexico. Her hobbies were golfing, snowmobiling, cross country skiing and swimming. Now Char keeps busy in activities like church, music programs, strength and balance, tone chimes, chair yoga, resident choir, watching sports, reading and spending time with family.

Leslie Wohlert (Burlington)
Les was born in New York Mills, Mn. He attended District #179 for 8 years. During Les’s life, he worked on the family farm and other various jobs which included meat packing and Lund Boats in New York Mills. His hobbies were wood working, hunting, fishing, water skiing and continuing his father’s collection of cars and tractors. Les joined Burlington household January 4, 2019, where he enjoys dominoes, dice games, strength and balance, music programs and reading various papers.

Left to right: Cooper Adams, crown bearer, Joseph Carlson king of Harvest Glen, Magdalene Wallgren, queen of Pine Harbor, Paisley Thorsen, tiara bearer.

Magdalene Wallgren (Pine Harbor)
Mag joined Pine Harbor household on May 24, 2019. She was born in Dazy, North Dakota on August 25, 1929. She attended elementary school in Bluffton, Mn and graduated from Wadena High School. She has 9 children, 18 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren. She enjoyed traveling to Mexico and the Virgin Islands. She was secretary at the Bluffton Creamery and the Fergus Falls Medical Center. Her hobbies were reading and crocheting. Mag now enjoys choir, strength and balance, visiting with family and friends, music and praying the Rosary.

Joseph Carlson (Harvest Glen)
Joe was born in Crosby, North Dakota on May 30, 1932. He graduated from Crosby High School and worked for the Highway Patrol and as Safety Director for the State of North Dakota. Joe served in the Air Force for 4 years. Married in Crosby, Joe and his wife, Yvonne, were married 60 years. He has 1 son, 4 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. Before entering Harvest Glen, he enjoyed traveling to Hawaii. Joe joined Perham Living on May 14, 2019 and enjoys strength and balance, bingo and the spa.
Left to right: Charleen Schermerhorn, Timber Grove, Leslie Wohlert, Burlington, Joseph Carlson, Harvest Glen, Magdalene Wallgren, Pine Harbor, Odilia Riestenberg, Prairie Knoll, Larry Lange, Prairie Knoll.

Respectfully submitted,
Fuzz Hammers

2020 Habitat Build

Congratulations to Court Winona #191. They have been awarded the 2020 Habitat grant.
Womens Religious Grant Applications due April 1, 2020

Grant applications for the Women’s religious program must be completed by April 1, 2020. If your Court is participating, note the Group or Individual needs and specify “how", and “why” they should receive some funds. The State has $2000.00 to distribute. The State board will make the determination for distribution.

for the Grant Application click here

Celebration of Life Mass

Court St. Rita #409, Perham, Minnesota of the Catholic Daughters of the America’s sponsored the 33rd annual Celebration of Life Mass on January 31st, 2020 at St. Henry’s Catholic Church.  The celebrant was Father Matthew Kuhn assisted by Deacon Randy Altstadt.  St. Henry’s school students participated at Mass as musicians, servers, lector’s, gift bearers and rose presenters.  Catholic Daughter Financial Secretary, Renee Doll, presented the narration of the representatives of the sanctity of life from before birth to death.  They were presented a red rose, a symbol of life.

The life stages represented were sanctity of life before birth, infant, youth, young adult, senior citizen, special challenges and the right to life of all people.

Honored were Tara Moenkedick, before birth, Noah Schwanke, infant, Sam Lafond, youth, Isaiah Blickenstaff, young adult and Jerry Guck, special challenge.  Jackie Lachowitzer, senior citizen was unable to attend. 

Presenting red roses were Isabella & Emerson Schultz, Maya Schultz, Juliette & Maverick LaFond, Boone Ditterich, Rhagen & Cassi Sazama and Norah Tusow.  Presenting the final rose was Kallie Bachman to be displayed in church before the Holy Family as a reminder of the right to life of all people.  With each rose we are met with the challenge to accept life as God’s gift. 

Safe Place

Annually, Catholic Daughters Court St. Rita #409 of Perham, Minnesota Sponsor a fundraiser to benefit Someplace Safe in October, which is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Committee Chairman Court St. Rita Chaplain, Deacon Richard Quistorff, placed a wicker trunk in St. Henry’s Church Narthex and invited all parishes to participate in donating items for women and children at Someplace Safe. It was a huge success with carloads being delivered to Someplace Safe and the Bridge Pantry (at Someplace Safe’s request). In addition, recently a check was delivered to Someplace Safe.

Picture: Janel Toppari, Someplace Safe, Crime Victim Adovate and Catholic Daughter Court St. Rita Court Chaplain Deacon Richard Quistorff

<<<< News Flash >>>>

The 2021 State Convention will be the weekend of April 23-25. The hotel is the Courtyard by Marriott and the convention site will be St. Joseph’s Parish and School.



The rosaries made by Court St. Mary Peter Mazeppa-Bellechester in honor of our deceased members were donated to Walter Reed Military Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. The Chaplains in the Pastoral Care Department will be distributing them to injured soldiers.

Circle of Love Forms

Circle of Love forms are now available under the forms tab.  Deadline for form submission to the State Chairs is March 1, 2020. 

Gummi Bear Chair Report


The 2019 Gummi Bear Chair report is now available under the Forms tab - Gummi Bear Forms

Forms need to be submitted by November 25, 2019

Pictured: Karen Hammers, membership chairman
CDA Sunday Observed

Court St. Rita #409, observed Catholic Daughters Sunday at the 10 AM Mass at St. Henry’s Catholic Church, Perham, Mn. On October 20th, 2019. The Holy sacrifice of the Mass was celebrated by Father Matthew Kuhn, assisted by Deacon Randy Altstadt and Court St. Rita Chaplin, Deacon Richard Quistorff.

CDA members participated in the Mass as Sacristan, Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Mass Servers, Gift Bearers, Choir and organist. The officers processed in wearing their robes and all CDA members wore Catholic Daughter sashes to show our unity on this special Sunday.

Regent Dianne Rohde-Szarke, spoke at all weekend Masses at St. Henry’s. Dianne explained what Catholic Daughters do on a local, state and national level, inviting all Catholic women to join our organization.

Also on this Sunday, our annual Gummi Bear fund raising drive was held with the proceeds donated to Habitat for Humanity in Minnesota. This year our 19th house is being built in Eveleth, Minnesota.

After the 10 AM Mass, a Continental breakfast was served for the parish by the Catholic Daughters. A table was located in the narthex displaying information on our organization with pamphlets and posters. Our membership chairman, Karen Hammers, was available to answer questions and pass out information to perspective new members.

Respectfully submitted,
Fuzz Hammers, Publicity Chair

Commemoration of Our Lady of Fatima

On Sunday October 13th and in commemoration of Our Lady of Fatima, Court Queen of Peace and Junior Court St Cecilia gathered and prayed a rosary at Divine Mercy Hall at St. Ann’s in Slayton
We Remember


On the 18th Anniversary of 9-11, out of respect for those who lost their lives, Court St. Rita #409 of the Catholic Daughter of the America’s, in conjunction with the Knights of Columbus Assembly #1773, participated in a World Day of Peace, on September 11th, 2019, at St. Henry’s Catholic Church in Perham, Minnesota. Th Patriotic Rosary was led by Knights of Columbus Financial Secretary Ken Guck. The Rosary was prayed for the conversion of our country, for our National, State and County leaders as well as all 50 States in the Union and the souls in each state. The ceremony calls for the United States to be a light for all nations, that peace may reign throughout our land and beyond all boundaries. GOD BLESS AMERICA
Dianne Rohde-Szarke

CDA Sunday Proclaimation Signing

Chaplain Deacon Richard Quistorff, in the presence of Regent Dianne Rohde-Szarke of Court St. Rita #409, Perham, Minnesota, signed a Proclamation designating Sunday, October 20TH, 2019, as Catholic Daughter Sunday.  The theme for this term is “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening” (1 Samuel: 3:9). 

65 Year Member in Slayton

Alice Knutson as a 65 year member of Court Queen of Peace #1558 in Slayton. Her namesake and a court member Alice Spartz presided at the occasion. Father Thien Nguyen blessed her pin during the Mass. A reception with meal was held in Divine Mercy Hall following ceremony. How awesome!!
Court St. Rita’s 100th Anniversary Celebration

For 100 years Court St. Rita # 409 Of Perham, Minnesota has been working in God’s Vineyard. From the Pioneer’s of yesteryear, the women of 1919, to the hard  working Catholic Daughters of the Americas today, we strive to do our best for God and Country. Court St. Rita would not be what it is today if it were not for the unselfish dedication, service and devotion of those who have gone before us. To those we give thanks.

A Mass of celebration at St. Henry’s Catholic Church was held on September 15th, 2019 at 10 AM. The celebrate was Most Reverend Bishop Donald Kettler of the St. Cloud Diocese. Concelebrate was Catholic Daughter’s Past National Chaplin Father Matthew Kuhn. Assisting were Deacon Richard Quistorff (Court St. Rita Chaplin), Deacon Randy Altstadt and Deacon Paul Tschann, Zumbrota, MN. Before Mass, the Rosary was led by Knights of Columbus members Al Schumacher and Ken Guck.

Processing into church were the following: Alter Servers Keyana King and Maggie Vickmark, Cross Bearer Dominick Hammers, Knights of Columbus Honor Guard, CDA Color Guard Emilee Olstad, Karen Hammers and Mary Mercer, Banner Bearer Sherryl Holzer, Court St. Teresa of Calcutta JCDA officers Kya Olstad President, Abigail Olstad Vice President and Miranda Poser Secretary, St. Rita Court Officers Treasurer Joanne Winjum ( proxy for Lori Curtis), Financial Secretary, Renee Doll Recording Secretary, Lynn Schwanke Vice Regent, Mary Schumacher (Proxy for Helene Johnson), Regent Dianne Rohde-Szarke, District Deputy Lori Curtis, Minnesota State officers, Secretary Bonnie Hein Fergus Falls, Second Vice Regent Monica Capra Zumbrota, First Vice Regent Mary Pufall Moorhead, State Regent Marlys Knuth Slayton, Past National Regent Shirley Seyfried Battle Lake, followed by the clergy. Sacristan was Fuzz Hammers, greeters were Jean Quistorff, Leanne Stoll, JoAnn Meyer and Cheryl Wacker. Catholic Daughter’s of Court St. Rita members wore sashes distributed by Joan Guck and also participated in the Mass. Readers were Lori Curtis, Lynn Schwanke and Gospel and General Intercessions were by Court Chaplain Deacon Richard Quistorff. Homily was by Most Reverend Bishop Donald Kettler. Gift Bearers were Renee Doll and Joanne Winjum and Eucharistic Ministers were the clergy, Dianne Rohde-Szarke, Lori Curtis, Joanne Winjum and Deb Roman. Music was by JCDA and CDA members. Singing the Ava Maria was soloist Ann Dardis.

After the Ritual, a social and dinner was served in the church hall. Denise Schornack and Sophie Zvonar served as hostesses. At the registration and guest book table were Karen Hammers, Mary Schumacher and Judy Christopherson. Pinning corsages were Sheryl Holzer and Diane Lorentz. Regent Dianne Rohde-Szarke welcomed the guests, followed with invocation by Court Chaplain Deacon Richard Quistorff. After dinner, Regent Dianne introduced the special guests and visiting courts. Marlys Knuth, State Regent, congratulated Court St. Rita and presented the court with a 100th Anniversary Plaque from the Catholic Daughter’s National Office. Fuzz Hammers, past State Secretary and State 2nd Vice Regent gave a 100 year history of Court St. Rita.

Guests enjoyed music selections by court members Ann Dardis, Cathy Doll, Janel Altstadt, Sharon Neuerburg and Gina Cavanagh. The JCDA members sang “Singing in the Rain.”

Regent Dianne led us in a closing prayer followed by the song “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

With thank full hearts, Court St. Rita # 409 is looking forward to the next 100 years.

2020 Education Contest 

The themes for the 2020 Education Contest are:  


The local deadline for the education contest is February 1, 2020.   The deadline for state is March 1, 2020.

Entries being submitted to NATIONAL chairperson must be postmarked no later than:  APRIL 1, 2020.

The categories are Art, Essay, Poetry, Computer Art, Music and Photography.  Please see your local education contest chair for details regarding the different categories.

All first place winners in each category on the local level will be sent to the state education chair for judging.  

All first place winners in each category on the state level, will be sent to the National Education Contest for judging. 

The entry form may be found under "Forms" on this website.

Best of luck to all the courts and their participants.

Grotto of Redemption Day Trip

On July 31, 43 people from the three Courts of Plainview, St. Charles and Mazeppa-Bellechester took a bus trip to West Bend, Iowa and visited the Grotto of Redemption Shrine. It is in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sioux City. There are nine grottos depicting scence in the life of Jesus. Construction began in 1912 and continued for 42 years. 

To see more information on visiting the Grotto visit their website


Habitat Build September 21st!

Catholic Daughters of the Americas, Court St. Margaret #1888 will hold another Catholic Daughters Habitat Build at 1410 W 1st Street in West Eveleth on Saturday, September 21.  This build will include members from Resurrection and St. Joseph’s parishes and the Catholic organizations in the area. All Catholic Daughters members and their family members, 16 years old and older are encouraged to help.  16-18 year olds need to be accompanied by parent.

The work day will begin at 8:45 a.m. Court St. Margaret #1888 members will serve lunch at noon. Work will continue at 1 p.m. and we will work until about 4 p.m.  Please come to help in the morning, the afternoon or all day.  The crew manager will find work that we are able to do.  Wear sturdy shoes & bring gloves.

We hope some of you can come and help us with this build.  Please pass this information to your courts.

Please call Anita 218-744-1142 or Mary 218-744-3630 if you are able to help build.

Thank you

Anita McNulty & Mary Spang

Court St Margaret #1888

Eveleth, MN

Habitat Co-chairs

District Deputy Installed for Perham, Detroit Lakes and Mahnomen

Lori Curtis of Court St. Rita #409, Perham, Mn was installed on June 11th, 2019 as the District Deputy directing the courts of Perham, Detroit Lakes and Mahnomen for a two year term. The installing State Officers were State Regent, Marlys Knuth of Slayton and 1st Vice State Regent Mary Pufall of Moorhead.
Lori is married to Brian and has 2 adult children. She has been an active member of Court St. Rita #409, joining in 2014 and is currently serving as treasurer. Lori is employed as Office Manager at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church in Battle Lake, Mn.

Lori was presented a certificate and a rose commemorating her installation, followed by a Blessing by Father Matthew Kuhn, the parish priest of St. Henry’s Catholic Church of Perham and past Catholic Daughter’s National Chaplain.

Respectfully Submitted - Fuzz Hammers


Congratulations and Welcome!


Court St Cecilia #1558 the new Junior CDA court , Slayton was instituted Saturday August 10 at 5 PM Mass. Pictured back Michelle Zenk, Abby Ford, Hannah Herrig, Front: Emma Risacher, Sophia Nelson, Olivia Kathman, Addy Dierks, Josie Spartz, Rachel Huso, Grace Nelson and Father Thien Nguyen.

Family and friends enjoyed a light meal prepared and served br Court Queen of Peace after the formal institution and installation of officers. Representatives from visiting courts included Marshall, Lismore and Adrian as well as 4th Degree Knights and State and local officers.

Margaret Huebsch
Margaret Huebsch, one of Minnesota’s longest serving Catholic Daughter, passed away on August 13th, 2019 at the age of 97. She was a 76 year member of Court St. Rita #409 of Perham. Sadly, we said goodbye to Margaret too soon , as she could of helped Court St. Rita celebrate their 100th Anniversary in September.

Margaret was the mother of nine children. In her Irish wit, she said she was married to her husband, Jim, on Labor Day and was in labor for the next 17 years until her youngest graduated. She was a very strong Irish Catholic, devoted to the Blessed Mother Mary.

Thank you, Margaret, for your devotion and dedication to Catholic Daughters.

Respectfully submitted - Fuzz Hammers


Court St. Margaret #1888 Habitat Build Needs Your Help!

Our Catholic Daughters Build will be on Saturday, August 24 at 1410 West 1st St. in West Eveleth. We can use more help for this CDA Build. We will work from 8:45 a.m. to 4 p.m. Our court will serve lunch at noon. We hope you can come. Please let us know how many are coming so the building manager can plan the work and so we can plan the lunch.

Thank you,

Anita McNulty


Court St. Margaret #1888

Habitat Co-chair

Summer Workshops
Summer workshops are planned.

This year’s workshop will focus on working together to build unity within our courts. We will have breakout sessions on recruitment, project ideas, and spirituality. ALL CDA members are invited to come and share their ideas! 

** Registration is $25 per court.
** Courts with 6 or more receive a $15 rebate!!
** Meal fees for District Deputies and State Chairman are covered by the State  Court.
** Host courts pay only registration; no meal fees.
** Please arrive 30 minutes before workshop for registration

See the links for the information

General Information

Registration Form

Deadline: Aug. 2, 2019 for workshops at Eveleth & Detroit Lakes
Deadline: Sept 7, 2019 for workshops at Medford & Marshall *No Refunds after deadline dates 

Habitat Build Date

Our Catholic Daughters Build will be on Saturday, August 24 at 1410 West 1st St. in West Eveleth.  We hope you can come.  Please let us know how many are coming so the building manager can plan the work and so we can plan the lunch.

Thank you,

Anita McNulty


Court St. Margaret #1888

Habitat Co-chair

Something to Crow About!
Regent Dianne is excited to announce her Catholic Daughter Court has “Something to Crow About!!” On September 15th, 2019 Court St. Rita, Perham, Minnesota will be celebrating their 100th Anniversary, established 11-9-1919.
Habitat Groundbreaking

North St. Louis County Habitat for Humanity has set Saturday, June 1 at 3 p.m. for the groundbreaking of our Habitat house. The address is 1410 West 1st St, (West) Eveleth.

Left to right: Chairmen Leanne Stoll & Lisa Hemmelgarn, participants Olivia Reed, Miranda Poser, Sam Lafond, Trystan Larson & Kacie Riepe, Regent Dianne Rohde-Szarke
Catholic Daughter’s Education Contest
Catholic Daughters, Court St. Rita #409, Perham, Minnesota met on March 5th, 2019 to honor the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in our annual education contest, chaired by Leanne Stoll and Lisa Hemmelgarn. The themes this year were, Here I am Lord, I come to do Your Will or Doing my best to do Good. The entries were their original ideas chosen from these themes. 1st place winners in Division 1 were: Poetry-Trystan Larson, Essay-Sam Lafond, Art-Kacie Riepe, Division 11, Poetry-Miranda Poser, Essay-Natalie Rooney, Art-Natalie Rooney, Photography-Natalie Tusow. 2nd place winners in Division 1 were Poetry-Leelou Novotny, Essay-Stella Hunt, Art-Olivia Reed, Division 11, Art-Miranda Poser. 3rd place winners in Division 1 were: Poetry-Gabby Scraper, Essay-Ty Rooney, Art- Stella Hunt. The winners received a monetary stipend for their entries. 1st place entries will be entered in the State and possibly National competition.

Respectfully Submitted
Regent Dianne Rohde-Szarke


Perham Valentine Royality 

Prayers Needed

Marion P. Cunningham, 104, of Winona died January 5 at Sauer Health Care. She was born in Winona, the oldest of eight children, to Leo R. and Amelia (Literski) Smith.

Marion was married to Arthur J. Cunningham for 64 years and they have six children.


Marion was one of the longest and active members of the Catholic Daughters of America and the oldest member of St. Mary's Catholic Church. She was an avid bridge player, hiked the Winona bluffs, loved to go on the Mississippi River and travel the world.


Civic mindedness was characteristic of Marion. Among her many activities she was a member of the Democratic Farm Labor Party caucus and served in the hospital axillary as a Gift Shop volunteer. Marion was also active with the American Red Cross and Birthright. She was a fierce civil rights advocate.


Marion is survived by six children: Phyllis, New York City; John (Beverly), Winona; Sheila, Winona; Peggy Elms, Berkeley, California; Louise, La Grange, Illinois; and Kathleen (Thomas) Hyland, Eagan, Minnesota. She is also survived by twelve grandchildren, seventeen great grandchildren, and one great-great grandchild. Her surviving sibling is Leland Smith, Winona. Marion was preceded in death by her husband, her parents, and six siblings: Leo “Buster”, Edward, Charles, W. Wayne, Nina, and Joan.


A Mass of Christian Burial will be held 10:30 AM Saturday, with the Fr. Jim Berning officiating. Visitation will be prior to the Mass in St. Mary's Commons at 9:30 AM.

There will be recitation of the Rosary by the Winona Catholic Daughters at 9:30 AM in the Church. Interment will be in St. Mary's Cemetery.


In lieu of flowers, memorial gifts may be directed to St. Mary's Church, Winona Catholic Worker, or to donor's choice.


Services entrusted to Fawcett Junker Funeral Home, Winona, MN and Fountain City, WI. Words of sympathy or remembrance may be left at


Prayers Needed

Pipestone Court St. John 1371 is asking for prayers for their recording secretary, Betty Cramer and her husband, Bob who just had a house fire and lost everything.

The complete story on this can be found in the Pipestone County Star newspaper.

St. Rose of Lima Native American Women Cemetery Stone

The cemetery stone for the six Native American Women buried in the St. Rose of Lima Cemetery was dedicated on May 30, 2018. Thank you for all your support.


Celebration of Life Mass sponsored by Catholic Daughter Court St. Rita # 409 Perham, MN.

Celebration of Life Mass on January 18th, 2018 at St. Henry's Catholic Church, Perham, Minnesota. The celebrant was Father Matthew Kuhn. St. Henry's Area School children participated as Mass servers, readers, musicians, singers and gift bearers.

In recognition of the sanctity of life from before birth to death, the different stages in life were recognized and presented a red rose, a symbol of life. The life stages represented were expecting mothers (Donn Guck), newborn children (Michael Mettler family), youth (Madeline Abbott), high school age group (Morgan Hanson), senior citizen (Mary Bennett) and special challenges (Karen Beyer). Presenting the red roses were Mary Grace Fudge, Isabella Schultz, Gia Van Watermulen, Dominick Hammers, EmmaLee & Brenna Guck, Nora, Charlie and Levi Murdock. Also a red rose was placed before the Holy Family Statue by Morgan Pazdernik as a reminder of our belief in and commitment to the right to life of all people.

After the Celebration of Life Mass, a reception for those attending was sponsored by the Catholic Daughters.


Court St. Justin’s, Mary Lou Delaney has been volunteering for the Senior Meal Program in Twin Valley for 42 years.

Mary Lou of Court St. Justin #2020 and her husband Richard have been married for 61 years and have 4 children and one granddaughter. They moved to the Twin Valley area in 1963 and farmed for just over 40 years.

Life was busy on the farm in the mid 70’s and with 4 kids busy with school and sports, Mary Lou found Wednesdays were her day to go to town. She would deliver the Meals on Wheels for the Senior Meal program, run errands and then on to a bowling league in the afternoon. In the early years she delivered 6 – 10 meals on her Wednesday delivery route. Over time that grew to be as high as 22 or 24. But now she says it ranges more like 12 – 18 deliveries.

Mary Lou loves the visiting and interacting with the seniors she delivers meals to. She says for some, she is the only person they see during the day. As a volunteer she is responsible to connect with the meal recipients. If they don’t come to the door or answer when she visits, she reports that back to the Senior Meal site. The program then does a follow up, to make sure there are no problems.

Mary Lou loves to volunteer. Whether at the Senior Meal program, church or the nursing home, she says “It feels good to help people”. She is also proud to say she has passed this down to her children, who also do volunteering.

The Apple Pie Award was recently given to Mary Lou from Lutheran Social Services, to recognize her service to the Senior Meal Program. As Catholic Daughters we are very proud of her service in her community as well as her service with Court St. Justin #2020. Mary Lou's volunteer service is a great example of our Circle of Love Quality of Life and Family areas. Congratulations Mary Lou


Veterans Day Breakfast at Court St. John #1371

Sunday, November 12th the CDA Court St. John, #1371, provided homemade breakfast to honor the warriors who selflessly serve for our freedom since 1776. For the last 3 years CDA has provided the food, volunteers and time to make this breakfast free to all Veterans. Under the sign saying “98% will wake today to enjoy their freedom, 2% will wake up to defend that freedom.” the CDA court members (with their husbands) and other parishioners welcomed, served and offered their gratitude and enduring pride to remind these Heroes their sacrifices are our blessings.



Pictured: Jackie Bunkowske and daughter Bella
Court St. Rita #409, Perham holds 49th annual style show
Court St. Rita #409, Perham, Minnesota held our 49th annual style show on October 28th, 2017 at St. Henry's Fellowship Hall.
Regent Dianne-Rohde-Szarke welcomed the guests, thanking them for supporting us and our many charities.  Deacon Richard Quistorff of St. Henry's Parish, gave the invocation and blessed the food for our brunch. The church hall was decorated with pines and pine cones for our theme "Partying in the Pines.  The tables and halls were also festively decorated to carry out the theme. The event is our fundraiser for our many charities, our local community and St. Henry's Catholic Church and School.  Many businesses in Perham, provided models for this year's style show. They were Nadines, Dot and Minnie's, Helene's Boutique and Richter's Men's Wear. Chairman for the style show was Emilee Olstad and Mistress Of Ceremonies was Ann Dardis with many Catholic Daughters working to make the annual style show a success. Regent Dianne thanked everyone for their hard work, she then announced that the theme for 2018 will be Forever True to the Red, White and Blue.  God Bless America was sung as a great ending to a great style show.
Respectfully submitted,
Fuzz Hammers, Publicity Chairman

Court St. Rita #409 observed CDA Sunday

Court St. Rita #409, observed Catholic Daughters Sunday at the 10 am Mass, on October 15, 2017, at St. Henry's Catholic Church, Perham, Minnesota. The Holy sacrifice of the Mass was celebrated by Father Matthew Kuhn, assisted by Deacon Randy Altstadt. Catholic Daughters participated in the Mass as sacristan, lectors, choir members, and Eucharistic ministers. At the weekend Masses, at St. Henry's and Holy Cross Catholic Church, Butler, Minnesota, (our sister parish) Regent, Dianne Rohde-Szarke, spoke to all the ladies of the Parishes inviting them to join Catholic Daughters. After the 10 am Mass, a continental breakfast was served by the Catholic Daughters.

Pictured right to left ,front row: Regent, Dianne Rohde-Szarke; Second Vice Regent, Helene Johnson; Second row, Financial Secretary, Cathy Doll; Treasurer, Lorie Curtis; Recording Secretary, Lynn Schwanke; back row: Father Matthew Kuhn pastor at St. Henry's and past National Chaplin and Deacon Randy Altstadt.

Respectfully submitted Publicity chair; Fuzz Hammers

Court St. Anne #1840, Medford honors their 50 year members.




Court St. Rita #409, Perham

Court Joan of Arc #1291

May Crowning - Perham

The Catholic Daughters of Court St.Rita #409, Perham,   Minnesota honored our Blessed Mother Mary on May 6th, 2017, by processing into Church with the image of Mary. The procession consisted of Father Matthew Kuhn, Deacon Randy Altstadt, the Knights of Columbus, members of the Catholic Daughters and other parishioners. The Mass was celebrated for the intention of all deceased Catholic Daughters.

Isabella Berkman, daughter of Chad and Stephanie Berkman carried the crown, Don Hendricks of the 4th degree Knights of Columbus carried the image of our Lady. Father Matthew Kuhn assisted by Deacon Randy Altstadt blessed the image as it wa s placed by the altar. The Catholic Daughters, plus First Communicants carried Red roses, placing them by Mary's image. The Rosary was prayed and songs of Mary were sung as we processed around the church and school.

The Catholic Daughters were Musicians, Eucharistic Ministers, Rosary leaders, Sacristans and Gift bearers. Banners Bearer was Cheryl Wacker, carrying the flag was Jill Abbott, assisted by Jackie Lachowitzer and Renee Doll. The event was chaired by Emilee Olstad, past Court Regent.

Pictured on the left is Isabella Berkman, who crown the image of Mary, the daughter of Chad and Stephanie Berkman. To the right is Courtney Poser, daughter of Rachel and Aaron Poser. Courtney is a member of our newly formed JCDA.


Court Holy Rosary #1916, Detroit Lakes

Valentine Party in Perham

"Giving Back" Awarded to Court St. Rita #409, Perham



Celebration of Life Mass 2017


Court St. Rita #409 of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas sponsored a Celebration of Life Mass on January 27 at St. Henry Catholic Church in Perham, MN.  This has been an annual event for the last 30 years.   Fr. Matthew presided along with Deacon Randy Altstadt serving at the altar.  Throughout the Mass we were reminded of the sacredness of life from the moment of conception to natural death.   We celebrated life and thanked God, our creator; for the miracle of life that he has given each of us. 

As part of the Entrance Procession; the Catholic Daughters selected members from the four area Catholic parishes (St Henry, Sacred Heart, St. Lawrence and Holy Cross) to represent different stages in life. These individuals processed along with a few students from the school, to the front of the church along with the servers, Fr and Deacon with the processional song.  Before the blessing, a greeting and explanation was given by Joann Winjum and roses were presented.   We were reminded that each stage in life is important, needed, special, unique and has so much to offer in its own way. 

This year, the stages/phases in life that were represented were: Expecting parents, New born children, Youth, High Schooler, College/Young adults, Those with challenges or special needs and Senior citizens.  Also celebrated was the great example the Holy Family has set for us.

Participants this year were: Josh & Katrina Nordick, Makenna Kupferschmid and her parents (Brett & Elisa), Jack LaFond, Kolbey Bormann, Thea Romann, Sally Limanen, Rae Giovannelli, and Delores Wasche along with her husband, Joe.  A Red Rose, which is a symbol of life; our most basic need was presented to the participants by the following students from St. Henry’s Area school:  Marisa & Molly Ruther, Isaac Smith, Carson Byer, Ava Tobkin, Sam, Max & Damian LaFond, Katelyn & Madison Kratzke, & Logan Guck.  A rose
presented by Alexis Marthaler was placed before the Holy Family; (under the Sponsorship of the Catholic Daughters, Court St. Rita), as a reminder of our belief in and commitment to the right to life of all people.   

After the presentation of the roses, participants and students joined their classmates and the congregation in their seats.  Mass then proceeded as normal.  Students proclaimed the word of the first reading, lead the responsorial and other hymns throughout the mass, offered intercessions and presented the gifts at the offertory.  Deacon Randy proclaimed the gospel and Fr. Matthew gave the homily.  A Prayer for the Protection of Life was offered by Fr.  Matthew in conjunction with the intercessions.    Throughout the mass, different aspects and stages of life were remembered as we prayed and offered praise and thanksgiving.   It was a very touching, inspirational and prayerful mass.

As we all know: Life is sacred at all stages.  All people need to remember this.  We are to accept life as God’s gift, we are to be examples of this and show it in all we do, say and are.  How we treat one another, no matter how we feel about them.  What we say in different situations and how we act when things happen in life.  We continue in life to teach others as well as learn from each other.  We are: all God’s children, All family, All connected in one way or another and All deserve respect.  Let us help us help each other grow in God’s love and service to him and each other. Let us all treat each other with the dignity and respect we deserve.  We are a gift from God to each other.   We praise and thank God for all he has given us and ask for his guidance in being all he has created us to be and to become (in his Image and likeness).     


Holy Rosary Habitat
Holy Rosary Habitat
Pipestone 1000 Rosaries

Court Bishop Schenk #2010, Crookston

CDA Sunday