Notes from National Regent

In the Spring issue of the Share magazine, Helene talks to us about "Sacred Space".  Here are some notes from her article.

Helen writes "After much reading and research, I came to understand the
definition of sacred space.  It is the place that you designate as a religious
place invoking the Spirit or the Lord.  It can be a formal place of worship
such as a church or temple or a state of mind to which you can retreat and
withdraw from worldly distractions, or a physical or mental location where you
feel connected with and in communication with the Lord.  Therefore, in each
of the stops I had to designate a place that I called my sacred space".

 Here are some of the "physical sacred places" that she felt the Lord's presence.
1)  Vespers - she participated in these with the Bishop from USCCB in Washington, DC and took place at the
      St. John Paul II Center.  Our National Chaplain led this group.
2)  Franciscan Sisters - Helene felt the sisters were "most cordial".  She states "in the quiet of this convent,
      I had time for prayer and reflection before I began my journey to the airport and back home"
3)  California - Helene went to California for the 100th Anniversary of Court Santa Barbara #293.  There were
      beautiful churches, scenery, mountains and of course the ocean.   Here she had time for prayer and

Please read Helene's full article in the Spring Share Magazine on page 8. 

Helene leaves us with this message.  "It will be your challenge in 2017 to find your own Sacred Space and
return to it frequently to renew and refresh your spirit.  Find time each day to be alone with the Lord and you
will find the fullness and light His presence brings."

In Unity and Charity,
Helene Shepard, National Regent

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