State Project 
The Minnesota Catholic Daughters at the 2021 State Convention in Moorhead, MN have endorsed the following as their state project:  Financial and spiritual support with the assessment for the the next two years at $2.00 per member per year and will be split between the Seminarians and the Womens Religious in Minnesota

Spiritual support is headed by two chairpersons. The Chairperson for the Seminarians is Rita Young 
The Chairperson for the Womens Religious is Colleen Peplinski.  


Congratulations to the following courts who received funds to support the Women's Religious through the grant process.

For 2019-2020 the Women’s Religious Project recipients were:

  1. Ct. St. Mary Peter--$750.00 to the Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matara to help in replacing carpeting in their convent in Mankato;
  2. Ct. Queen of Peace-$200.00 to the Handmaids of the Heart of Jesus in New Ulm to aid in their financial burden of formation and education;
  3. Ct. Winona-$800.00 to the Sisters of St. Francis in Rochester to help their financial need for travel costs in attending the Franciscan Federation Conference in Denver;
  4. Ct. St. Cabrini-$250.00 to the Sisters of St. Francis, Assisi Heights, to purchase cushions for chairs in their coffee break room.

For 2020-2021 the Women’s Religious Project recipients were:

  1. Ct. St. Anne-$700.00 to the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St. Paul, to help in financing health care for the uninsured at their health clinic and in educating immigrant women and in contributing to their emergency funds for utilities and rent for families in need;
  2. Ct. St. Bernard-$400.00 to the Benedictine Sisters of St. Scholastica Monastery, Duluth, to help in the cost of renting storage space during the renovation of their residence building;
  3. Ct. Queen of Peace-$300.00 to the Handmaids of the Heart of Jesus to help with financing silent retreats;
  4. Ct. St. Mary Peter-$600.00 to Franciscan Clarist Congregation, Vermillion, to purchase a laptop for use in assist teaching of struggling students.