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Statues of Mary - Our Patroness

Court St. Cabrini #1466, Fergus Falls (2nd Statue)

This beautiful statue is in the gathering space of Our Lady of Victory Church in Fergus Falls.

The donor wishes to remain anonymous so Sister Joyce, Spiritual Advisor of Court St.
Cabrini #1466 of Fergus Falls, contacted the family and asked them to write an article on the
statue.   Here is what they wrote:

"We discovered the carving of Mary and Jesus while visiting the Village of Oberammargau in
Germany.   Oberammargau is a carvers village square. The carvers display their art work in
their shop windows on the square.

The first time we visited the town square, there was this carving of Mary and Jesus looking
out across the plaza, seeming to welcome us. As we would go through the square on our way
to the Passion Play we would pass by Mary's statue, it seemed she would welcome and beckon

So on our third day and final day she seemed to say, take me back to Our Lady of Victory
Catholic Church with you. In our last hour to Oberammergau as we were loading the bus I had
to run back to the carvers shop and ask, can you send her to America, Fergus Falls?"

As you can see, she is displayed for all to see as they enter into Our Lady Of Victory Church, her new home - in America. What a splendid work of art.

(Webmistress note: I was curious to see what Oberammergau, Germany looked like so I went out on the
web - this is what I found - please click on the link below and enjoy. The pictures will take your breath
away - beautiful!),+Germany&hl=en&rlz=1T4ADRA_enUS408US408&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=lyZiUfPVLM7RqwGXmYGACA&ved=0CD8QsAQ&biw=1034&bih=418


Court St. Cabrini #1466, Fergus Falls
Court St. Cabrini #1466, Fergus Falls

Court St. Cabrini #1466 of Fergus Falls, MN has provided this photo of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The statue sits in front of the baptismal font at Our Lady of Victory (OLV) Catholic Church in Fergus Falls. It was purchased through Hurley's in Fargo in the late 1980's. It came from Italy and was carved by the Demetz Art Studio. It was commissioned to compliment a statue of St. Joseph holding the child Jesus. The original intent was to purchase a statue of Our Lady of Victory but no such statue existed, so the parish went with this one. The statue was made possible by a generous donation from an anonymous parishioner given in memory of Father Frankoviz who is buried in our local St. Otto Cemetery. The statue is used by the OLV Catholic School for May crowning and is a focus in May, the month of Mary.

Court Santa Maria #247, Adrian, MN


Court St. Cecilia #2025, Red Lake Falls, MN


Blue Earth, MN

Court Joan of Arc #691 from Blue Earth shares their "special" Mary and story.

"Gifts Give Memories, Beauty and Dignity"

At every meeting of Blue Earth Court Joan of Arc #691 the officers sit at an 8 x 3 table draped with a beautiful purple chastity cloth (chastity cloth was so-called because it hid the legs of the women seated behind the table) that reaches almost to the floor. At front center of that draped cloth is the large CDA symbol in gold. Above that symbol is a small beautiful statue of Blessed Mary standing on her music box. The Regent presides at the center of the table behind Blessed Virgin Mary. The U.S. flag stands to the right of the table and the CDA banner stands at the left. The music box of Blessed Mother may play the Ave Maria if the lever is activated.

The precious statue was gifted by Veid Shannon in honor of her mother, Edith Trembly, a charter member. Veid was called to her heavenly reward in 1999. The beautiful purple cloth was crafted by Dorothea Hadlick and Lucille Kraft when Dorothea was Grand Regent 1955-56. Lucille, a jolly member, is deceased (2003). Dorothea at the age of 94 is and has been a very active member for 73 years.

Another meaningful gift is the CDA plaque that is placed in the casket at time of visitation of a deceased member. This was donated many years ago by Dorothea Hadlick.

Thanks to the thoughtfulness and diligence of court members, Joan of Arc has three distinctive items to enforce our memories and to lend dignity and distinction to our membership.

Thank you Court Joan of Arc #691 for sharing the story of your Mary and the beautiful memories your court has of the gifted items.

Detroit Lakes, MN


St. Mary's Parish, Winona, MN
St. Mary's Parish, Winona, MN - Court Winona #191

St. Mary's Parish received the statue from the grounds of Gale College in Galesville, Wisconsin, one of the older schools in that area. The school was later taken over by the Christian Brothers of St. Louis.

Later it became a private institution operated by a religious order and used mainly for retreats. Finally it closed and remained vacant for several years.

The city of Galesville purchased the property with the intentions of preserving the original building for a public park. When they wanted the grounds cleared, St. Mary's Parish negotiated for the statue.

This beautiful statue of the Blessed Virgin was originally placed outside the entrance to the newly constructed "Commons Gathering Space", which joins the church and the school. The statue was damaged and needed repair so it was moved to the inside of the "Commons Gathering Space" for its restoration and where it remains today.

This beautiful statue is life size and welcomes all who enter our parish.

Court St. John #1371, Pipestone, MN
Pipstone, MN


Court St. Theresa #973, Currie
Court St. Theresa #973, Currie