Prayer of the Month Submitted by Evonne Seivert - Spiritual Enhancement Chair

MNCDA Prayer of the Month


Dear God, Sometimes It Takes So Little.


My friend really tried to befriend others

She always dressed up and tried to look neat.

She truly enjoyed befriending others.

She dreaded put downs and derogatory comments.

She hated being criticized.


Sometimes I don’t realize how sensitive others really are.

I don’t realize that my comments can hurt.

Sometimes I don’t seem to feel with the same intensity.

Perhaps I do not really understand them.

Perhaps if I tried harder I would understand and so would she.


The Yoga class ended all too quickly for my friend that day.

She patiently put her shoes back on and tied them.

She thanked the instructor for sharing her talent.

Then she got a heart warming surprise

The instructor came over to speak to her.


“You are such a kind, gentle woman.

You have lovely eyes and a warm smile.

I bet you don’t get told that often enough.

You have such a pleasant, cheery manner and nice personality.”

Tears welled up in her eyes as she took in the compliment.


Sometimes it takes so little to nourish a soul.

Sometimes it takes so little.

Dear God, may I be more aware of those I can comfort

May I take your love and care to them.