Message on Elections


Greetings to all who need to know more about Local Court Elections, especially Regents and Nominations Committee members Regents, you are in the home stretch but have time to make your Regency Memorable if you haven’t already. (should you choose to do so.)

Vice Regents, you will soon be handed the reins and are getting ready to be in charge. Happy installation! All God asks is for us to do the best we can.

A couple of ideas for nominating committees as they seek out new officers.

Be encouraging. Let them know that they have been selected to have the opportunity to serve God and the Court and gain valuable information along the way.

Check out the three documents at the bottom of the page. One is about the elections process and two are about recruitment for the Nominating committee. Just ideas, but might help. 

Please invite all State Officers and your District Deputy to your Installation of Officers. You will want to make it a very memorable event and thus ask that it take place at Mass or immediately following Mass.

It can be carried out at your Court meeting, but if possible, hold it in t he church proper. Installing new officers is a special ritual for every one in the court, and even more for the newly elected officers. Pledges to serve by the new officers and pledges by members to support them is honoring God through CDA.

God hears these promises and we sense the importance of that duty all the more when done in His presence. Robes and candles make this a special event and the more you give it ritual, the more it is held in the hearts and memories of all involved.

Leadership is learned, not inborn. Leadership is developed and best by those who choose it!


May the blessings of the Lord be upon you!

Evonne Seivert, MN State Regent

218 North Hill Street

Marshall, MN 56258

Ph: 507-532-0204

Cell: 507-828-0367