Take note of this outstanding opportunity !


      Nancy Bambenek and Ellen Huneke, our Leadership/Membership State Chairs, would like to have some fun time with you sharing and gaining your ideas for becoming the best courts ever in promoting membership and in leadership growth. They will come to your Court!  It might be possible for courts  to share a date if that will work out.

     You will help generate Ideas for becoming even more encouraging, exceptionally functioning Courts.  Through sharing with you and gleaning ideas from you, court growth can be promoted that has the potential to make your Court more outstanding!  Let’s accomplish this together!

     Nancy and Ellen are ready to begin visiting interested courts, however they cannot get to all of you, so, where do they begin? This is an equal opportunity offer to get our experienced, MNCDA Past State Regents to discuss ideas, meet and visit with your members and leaders, and dialogue about making your court even stronger.  If you are open to considering ideas, be among the first to come forward with a potential  date, time and place, and invite this “Dynamic Duo” to come and share. (You’ll want to choose a few open dates and call, send or e-mail the times your court could be available.) Don’t wait until the snow flies, just confirm a date, pick a site, a and gather your members. Consider bringing a snack, and with Ellen and Nancy, I know I can safely say it will be an interesting event! 

To make it easy, please e-mail, call or mail your request to both Nancy and Ellen and copy to me so we are all aware of your interest! 

Only a limited number of visits can be scheduled this fall.  The team will make every effort to meet your time schedules.

Good weather will not prevail forever so choose dates between now  and  Nov.30.   Obviously do not choose Thanksgiving Day! 

      As your State Regent, I may or may not be in attendance,  but  send me the info because I want to be aware of  the courts interested, Please include me in your correspondence.  To set up an event, for this opportunity, t he information needed is listed below.  It does not need to be sent on this form, but this information is required.



Evonne Seivert

Minnesota State Regent

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