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Investing in our Local Courts - MN State Court, Regent - Marlys Knuth

Minnesota has been blessed with great leaders over the years.  In response to comments made a few years ago, two of our Past State Regents, Ellen Huneke and Nancy Bambenek,  decided to respond positively and take action.  Several local courts felt a lack of connection with the State Board.  Some reported they had not had a visit from a State Officer for some time, a few years for some of them.

The State Board does travel to installations of officers, new member receptions, anniversaries and dinners as able.  The State Board also has summer workshops in four strategic locations throughout the state.  However, this does not allow the one on one connection the Local Courts yearn for.

Ellen and Nancy understood the need of the local courts and realized that current State Officers had many responsibilities to juggle.  They offered to visit local courts throughout the state and tailored their visits according to the local court’s needs and ideas.

They first meet with the Regent and discuss how things are going for their court, successes and struggles.  They work with the Regent to see different ways to approach problems.  Conversation is centered on positives in the courts, sisterhood, projects and staying connected to members in the court.  The Regent then invites women from the court to come, who she feels are the “movers and shakers” in the court, or those she would like to see become leaders.  Ellen and Nancy have worked with the women to realize what their strengths/talents are, how they can utilize their unique gifts and the impact this can have in CDA.

They have met with seven courts to date, over the past four years and plan to continue.  We have spoken about this project at our summer workshops and encourage each court to consider having a visit with our State Leadership chairs.  Nancy and Ellen are in communication with the State Regent after each visit.  Expenses incurred are paid from State funds.

This is very rewarding and a wonderful opportunity for all of our 28 courts to feel more connected to not only the State Board, but other Local Courts as well.

National Leadership Local Court Recognition 

Court St. Charles #1791, St. Charles, MN, Regent - Margaret Gall


National Newsletter Contest

National Newsletter Contest Local Court, Division I - 2nd Place, Court St. Bernard # 886, Lismore, MN, Regent- Stephanie Dickmann

National Newsletter Contest Local Court, Division II - 2nd Place, Court St. Justin # 2020, Mahnomen, MN, Regent -Beverly Schoenborn

National Education Contest

Poetry.....2nd. Place.....Hannah Casselman, Ct. Winona # 191, Winona, Mn
Essay......1st. Place......Dylan Demers, Ct. St. Mary # 509, Moorhead, Mn
Music - Div. 2.......3rd. Place.....Isabelle Halland, .Ct. St. Cabrini # 1466, Fergus Falls, Mn

National St. Faustina winners
Minnesota ( award given to those recruiting new members)

Beth Arendt.....Ct. St. Mary Peter # 1864, Mazeppa-Bellechester, Mn
Kathryn Eveslage.....Ct. St. Joan of Arc # 1291, Marshall, Mn

Quality of Life 

Ct. St. Mary Peter #1864, Mazeppa-Bellechester, Regent - Joan Welscher


Spirtual Enhancement 

Ct. Madonna #839, Wilmont, Regent - Joan Jones



Ct. Holy Rosary # 1916, Detroit Lakes, Regent - Charlene Dunn


Ct. Queen of Peace # 1558, Slayton, MN

Memorializing Lost Native American Youngsters

Court Queen of Peace #1558 undertook a special project, “The placement of a Memorial Marker”, at the burial site of 6 Native American Women, located in the St. Rose of Lima Cemetery in Avoca, MN.  The six young women had died 130 years ago at the Academy of St. Rose in Avoca after they had left their homes in South Dakota to attend school in Avoca.  The site had no identification whatsoever; in fact, a shrub had overgrown the site.  In preparation for placing the stone, the exact location of the graves needed to be determined, preparation of the site was made, funds were raised to purchase the stone and contact was made with the Native American community.

Special guests present included Sister Roseanne McDougall, archivist for the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus, (the order who sent sisters to teach at the boarding school from 1883-1890), dignitaries from the Native American tribes, a representative from the Murray County Historical Society, CDA, Catholic Order of Foresters and Knights of Columbus.  The dedication concluded with lunch at the Divine Mercy Hall.

The title of the project says it all, Memorializing Lost Native American Youngsters.  All members were involved in some way or another, either monetarily or participating in or being in attendance at the dedication.

We heard from former community members and local citizen who were impressed and expressed their feelings with words: “It was powerful.  The quiet was a prayer; the setting: farmland, a lake, a winding gravel road, green grass and tombstones, was one of peace and tranquility.”  “It was a bridge between past and present.”  Father Nguyen, our priest said, “I’ve seen memorials before, but nothing like this.  This was special.”