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Our Mission Statement
Catholic Daughters of the Americas strive to embrace
the principle of faith working through love in the promotion
of justice, equality and the advancement of human rights
and human dignity for all.

Motto - Unity and Charity
The purpose of the organization is to participate in the
religious,charitable and educational Apostolates of the
Church. Catholic
Daughters of the Americas engages in
creative and spiritual programs which provide its
members with the opportunity to develop their God-given
talents in a meaningful way to positively influence the
welfare of the church and all peoples throughout the world.


What is A Catholic Daughter
She is a common ordinary woman.                                                 
She loves her God and church. 
She loves her family and cares for them in a most loving way. 
She loves her community - because without faith, family and
       friends, she stands alone and lonely. 
She is mature (over 18) in mind and spirit. 
She follows the motto of Unity and Charity by working for the
      church, family and community. 
By her membership many charities are supported in the state,
      national and local level.

Web Master: Joan Welscher
State Regent Marlys Knuth

                                   State Officers 2019-2021                                      


  Vera              Monica                Marlys              Mary              Bonnie    
Regent:   Marlys Knuth
1st Vice Regent: Mary Pufall
2nd Vice Regent:  Monica Capra
State Secretary:  Bonnie Hein
State Treasurer:  Vera Hannig
Membership Chair:  Ellen Huneke
Webmaster Joan Welscher

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