Bulletin Blurps
Here you will find some ideas that you might want to insert into your church bulletin. A suggestion would be to put one of these in two weeks prior to your monthly meeting.  That way you will have two notices in your church bulletin a month. 

If you come up with an idea, please share it with your state officers so that we can add it to this list. 

As always, please contact your pastor to get the ok to put additional information into the bulletin. 
What better way to keep members, the community and fellow parishioners informed about "what's going on", "how can you help", and "what do I need to know" topics of interests.  Here are some ideas on what to present at your meetings that will be of interest to you and community members. 

If you have an idea that has been a lot of fun in your court and/or has drawn community support as well, please let us know.