State Fundraiser 2019 - 2020
It was voted on at the 2019 State Convention in Rochester, MN that the State Fundraiser for the next two years will remain at the $4.00 per member per year payable to the state court.  These monies will be utilized for operations of the state board, the district deputies, the state chairs, etc. and will also allow the state board to expand the areas of leadership and membership, and wherever else needed.

Perpetual Calendars

After five years, the Perpetual calendars are finished and ready to be mailed to Courts. They will make great Xmas or birthday gifts. The calendar is a fundraiser for the Courts...what good timing since many large -group fundraisers are not permitted due to Covid-19. As you remember......each Court could send in a phrase, biblical passage or titles that were meaningful to them at the time. Some courts even suggested that their inputs be placed on special days and these requests were met.

Text or call Marlys Knuth at 507-327-9677 or email
For the number of calendars you would like. Make your check out to Mn State CDA court .