Below are the forms needed for submission prior to Convention. 


February 1

  • State Chairs will check with or send the Local Court Circle of Love and State Program Activity Report forms to each Court by Feb.1  (The Circle of Love Forms were sent to Local Regents by the National Regent in December.

  • Candidate Credentials for State Office must be submitted to Deb Lutmer, State Nominations Committee Chair, Ct. St. Bernard #886, Lismore.

March 1

  • Education Contest Entries due to State Chair Lisa Ouderkirk.

  • Voting Credential forms to Bonnie Hein, State Secretary.

  • Convention Registration and Fees to Bonnie Hein.  Registration information:

         e-copy only, to State Regent, Evonne Seivert,

  • Courts are encouraged to submit a State Project proposal, Fund Raiser proposal, and Resolutions .

       They must be voted on by your court at a regular meeting prior to submission.

       They must be submitted in writing to the State Regent. Deadline Changed; Due March 1.

  • Local Court Regent Reports to Evonne Seivert

March 10

Room Reservations to respective hotels, Kahler Grand or Kahler Inns and Suites

March 15

  • Local Court Reports due to State Chairs: Local Court Circle of Love (Education, Youth, Leadership, Legislation, Spiritual, Family, Quality of Life) and Program Chair Reports (Publicity, Support our Seminarians, Women’s Religious, Gummi Bears,)  to: State 1st Vice Regent, Marlys Knuth.

  • 50 year and plus members list to Evonne Seivert. Those recognized will be the newer 50 Year members who have not previously been recognized at a State Convention but other 50 + members are invited to attend.   The Court or the individual may pay for the expenses.

  • Deceased Members list, since last convention, April 2017, to Evonne Seivert    

                         Local Regents will read the list of names at the Memorial Mass

April 1

  • Meal Reservations and Fees to: Joan Welscher

                                    Address: 34006 Highway 58 Blvd, Goodhue, MN 55027

  • Education Contest material submitted to National.

  • State Chairs of Circle of Love and, State& Program Area Reports, and winners if applicable, submit to 1st State Vice Regent, Marlys Knuth.

  • E-copy State Chair Reports to Regent, Evonne Seivert. These Reports will be available for you at the Convention.